2″ Trash Water Pump


Generac T20-S Trash Water Pump

Designed for the toughest and dirtiest jobs, the T20-S features a powerful 211cc Subaru engine that pumps up to 185 gallons per minute and pass solids up to 1” in size. Its large fuel tank with integrated fuel gauge keeps this pump running for over 5 hours before refueling.

Additional information for Generac T20-S Trash Water Pump

Durable 1” frame to withstand the harsh environment


Powerful Subaru 169cc engine with low-oil shut down

Large 3-gallon fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge delivers approximately 5 hours runtime


Onboard instructions with icons of key touch points make this pump easy to use

Color-coded suction and discharge ports to ensure the correct hose connections (Blue = Discharge; Green = Suction)


Easily pumps up to 185 gallons per minute


Silicon carbide mechanical seal for long life